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Safetensors Ruby

Simple, safe way to store and distribute tensors

Rust · February 2024

Random Cut Forest CLI

Random Cut Forest CLI

Rust · November 2022

Random Cut Forest C/C++

Random Cut Forest anomaly detection for C/C++

Rust · November 2022

Rust Timeouts

Timeouts for popular Rust crates

Rust · April 2022

Dist Rust

PDF, CDF, and percent-point/quantile functions for the normal and Student’s t distributions

Rust · January 2022

Cargo 3PL

The easy way to ship dependency licenses with your Rust binaries

Rust · December 2021

Disco CLI

Generate recommendations from CSV files

Rust · December 2021

Disco Rust

Recommendations for Rust using collaborative filtering

Rust · December 2021


Field-aware factorization machines in Rust

Rust · November 2021

Time series anomaly detection for Rust

Rust · October 2021

STL Rust

Seasonal-trend decomposition for Rust

Rust · October 2021

BayesTest Rust

Bayesian A/B testing calculations for Rust

Rust · October 2021

Breakout Rust

Breakout detection for Rust

Rust · September 2021


Large-scale sparse matrix factorization for Rust

Rust · July 2021


pgvector support for Rust

Rust · June 2021