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Securing Sensitive Data in Rails

It feels like data breaches are showing up every week in the news. If you haven’t taken a second look at how you’re storing sensitive data, now is...

Postgres SSLMODE Explained

When you connect to your database, Postgres uses the sslmode parameter to determine the security of the connection. There are many options, so...

Active Storage S3 Client-Side Encryption

Use client-side encryption to encrypt your data before sending it to S3. You can provide an encryption key to use directly or a KMS key for...

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Introducing Dexter, the Automatic Indexer for Postgres

Your database knows which queries are running. It also has a pretty good idea of which indexes are best for a given query. And since indexes don’t...

Strong Encryption Keys for Rails

Encryption is a common way to protect sensitive data. Generating a secure key is an important part of the process. attr_encrypted, the popular...

Just Table It

When it comes to data, you can mistakenly optimize by trying to choose the “right” technology for the job. Often, the best choice is right in front...


Production Rails

Best practices for running Rails in production

Secure Rails

Rails security best practices

The Ultimate Guide To Ruby Timeouts

Timeouts for popular Ruby gems

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Jetpack 0.4.2

6 days ago · Feb 11, 2019

Pretender 0.3.4

17 days ago · Jan 31, 2019

KMS Encrypted 1.0.1

27 days ago · Jan 21, 2019

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File encryption for Ruby and Rails


Rails console history for Heroku, Docker, and more


Linear regression for Ruby